Successful Cats Rescued


Angel & Buffy, Bennie & Henry, Bramble & Treacle, Bruce & Keira, Buttercup & Eddi, Chilli & Coco, Elliot & Purkins, Elmo & Joey, Harley & Peter, Herbie & Peanut, Kenny (Conker) & Sulley (Snoopy), Marley (Denver) & Mimi, Meme & Ms Tabs, Missy & Tootie, Mr Smith (Danny) & Jubei (Dilbert), Nina & Boyd, Nora & Tallulah, Sadie (Betty) & The Colonel (Morgan), Samson & Delilah, Tiggs & Troy, Trudi (Ermintrude) & Jemma (Jemima)


Angel & Mush, Cleo & Gizmo, Cleveland & Story, Georgie (Lulu) & Bobby (Smudge), Diesel & Kelsey, Harvey & Mishka, Jack & Bonnie, Kitty & Lulu, Lala & Muffin, Leo & Mia, Lily & Rosie, Mick Jagger (Richard) & Elvis Costello (Florence), Missy & Tooty, Morgan & Minty, Nemo & Toby, Olivia & Bobby (Sky), Pippa & Jofie, Poppy & Patch, Pumbaa (Spot) & Timone (Travis), Roxy & Tigger, Rudy & Molly, Sasha & Sadie, Scampi & Chips, Shadow & Stevie, Simon & Charley, Tinker & Phoebe, Toby & Tara, Vinnie & Ziggy, Wigmore & Negumbo, Wizbee (a.k.a. Switch) & Mon Ami


CATS A No ‘A’ cats left in 9 Lives now. CATS A Alfie (black & white), Alfie (ginger & white), Alfie (formerly Jet), Alistair,Amber, Apple, Arthur, Axcel
CATS B Bodie, Bootsie CATS B Bagpuss, Banjo, Barney, Basha, Basil, Baz (tabby & white), Baz (the Bengal), Ben, Benny, Bentley, Bert, Bertie, Betsy, Billie (formerly Pipi), Billy, Boss, Bradley (Black & white), Bradley (ginger & white), Brandon, Brown (formerly Cash), Bruno, Bubblegum (Bubbles), Buddie, Buttons
CATS C Caruthers, Charlie, Chloe CATS C Captain Birdseye, Carlos, Carlton, Charlie (tabby), Charlie (ginger), Charlie (formerly Jack), Chester (tabby), Chester (tabby & white), Churchill (a.k.a. Sweeney Todd), Cindy (12), Clara, Cleo, Cleopatra, Coco, Coco (formerly Wiselee), Coleen, Crystabella
CATS D Daisy, Dudley CATS D Daisy, Daisy (dark tortie), Danda, Derwent, Dia, Dillon, Donny, Donovan, Duchess, Dudley
CATS E Ella CATS E Eddie (the white one), Eddie (the black one), Edith (formerly Mandy), Emily
CATS F No ‘F’ cats left in 9 Lives now CATS F Felix, FelixNo2, Fenngoose (Fenn), Finlay, Florrie (formerly Fleur), Flossie, Frank (formerly Cedric), Frazer
CATS G Garfield CATS G George (black), George (British Shorthair), Gizmo (shorthaired), Gizmo (fluffy), Grace, Gredo, Guinness
CATS H Harley, Harry, Herbert, Holly Snowflake, Hugo CATS H Harley (grey tabby), Harrison, Harry, Henry (brown tabby), Henry 3 (another tabby), Henry (black & white), Holly, Honey, Howard (formerly Timothy), Huckleberry
CATS I No ‘I’ cats left in 9 Lives now CATS I Isabella, Izzie
CATS J Jackie, Jake, Jasper, Jonathan CATS J James, Jamie, Jason, Jasper, Jazz, J.D, Jethro, Jewel, Jodie, Joe, JoJo, Josie
CATS K Kaspar CATS K Keith (formerly Spot), Kira, Kitty (tabby), Kitty (tortie),Kizzy (formerly Tansey)
CATS L Little Tom, Luna CATS L Leo, Libby, Lili, Little Miss (formerly Becky), Lizzie, Lucy,(black & white), Lucy (3 legs), Lucy (blue tortie & white), Luke, Luna
CATS M Millie, Milo, Minty, Molly CATS M Mabel, Maddie, Maddy, Madge, Madison (Maddie), Maisy, Masha, Max (tabby & white), Max (black & white), Maxwell, Mickey (black), Miko, Millicent (formerly Minou), Millie, Minnie, Miska, Misty, Molly (white), Moonbear, Mooshu, Muffin, Mush (black), Mush (black & white)
CATS N-O Oscar CATS N-O Nelson, Noggin (formerly Sunny), Ollie, Oscar, Oskar, Ozzie
CATS P Pebbles, Popcorn CATS P Paddy, Paddy (ginger), Pansy, Patrick, Pearl, Pip (formerly Philipa), Pixie, Polly, Poppy (black & white) , Poppy (Black), Prince, Prince 2, Pushkin (formerly Joshua)
CATS Q-R Roger CATS Q-R Quincy, Ralph, Randall, Ridley, Robby, Rocco, Rodney, Rolo, Rooney, Rosalind, Rudy (tabby & white)
CATS S Simon, Smokey Joe CATS S Sam, Sammy, Sammy (formerly Boudicea), Sancez, Shaggy, Sidney (formerly Twist), Sooty, Suzie, Sylvester
CATS T Tex CATS T Taffi, Tara (formerly Sarah),Tasha, Taylor, Tia, Tibby, Tigger (longhaired), Tilly, Timmy, Toddy, Tom, Another Tom, Travis, Treacle, Tyson
CATS U-V No ‘U-V’ cats left in 9 Lives now CATS U-V No U-V cats at present
CATS W-Z Zach CATS W-Z Willow, Wilson (formerly Heathcliffe), Winston, Woody, Wotsit, Zak, Zevia

Sadly, some owners have failed to keep in touch with us. We would like to hear from the owners of the following cats.


Paws for Life: BETTY, RALPH, TOMMY

Photos and information here.

If we have lost contact with you and your cat is/was elderly or we know he/she had severe medical problems we may have assumed he/she has died.

Please check here.

Newly rescued cats are being admitted into Paws for Life.

Waiting for a new home: Belle, Betty & Boo, Bo, Bubbles & Squeak, Cleo, Daisy, Felino, Frankie & Jack, Jack, Leo, Marley, Mimi & Oscar, Molly, Pantha, Pebbles, Penny, Raggie